July 8, 2007

You curved the chocolate bitter…

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Been a long time that my pen gave birth to any productive piece…
But…they say (and I appreciate what they say)…that you got to maintain a gap among your babies…so do I maintain that…
And above all…as I don’t have so many blog readers like others …I think I can afford to do that…

Muse and poet is all that I have been writing for a long time…so….I have made my mind to write something else today…(the reason is also that I don’t have anything to write)…and under this circumstance…a burning social issue would be highly preferable…

Let’s talk about life today…..
Life of a girl…who in turn, naturally grows to be a lady…(if I am permitted to say that)….
And regarding this….I have a very strange way to give the impression of being…
For me…
Life (of course of a present day girl) starts where this fairy tales ends….you know….”and they lived happily ever after…”…?…and stuff…

I wonder where does these sweet stories lead us to…?…Is it a fairy land…where the fairy god mothers or the angels will save the sweet beautiful princess’ and will bless the ugly offspring to be the most gorgeous one…and gradually she will turn out to be the princess that every prince heart will long for…and once he wins the lady heart…they will live happily ever after…..

But….doesn’t this life acquaints us with a different story……?….
The story of the princess…who no more lives in a land far far far away…and the time when she enters into the life… knowing or unknowingly…cries for shelter….
She was the little princess…centre of honest desire; consideration….how can she fit into the world so mundane….she can either be a beauty to look upon or a muse to dedicate…..
But…the harsh reality of existence does not let her to stay in that fairy land any more….she is no more a baby smiling with her cute little gums that would make us adore her…now she has beautiful set of teeth…and when she smiles…the infuriated cannibals starts polishing their incisor….
The soft bosom of her stature is no more what we make her to read in passionate work of fiction…but…a pair of seasoned outgrowth that will boost the repressed hunger of any lustful delinquent…
She is no more the beauty who sleeps…with skin as white as snow…never can she open her Rapunzel hair…she is now a budding quantity of animal protein and in these cases all she can do…is…restrain…restrain…and…restrain…!!!….

But…every infantile female is not as ill-fated as I am portraying…there are some…who does…or at least tries…or sometimes trained…to fight back…but of course….the poor little soul…the only protection is her legendary Don Quixote sword…
You can guess where she ends up to…

Well…I can comprehend that many of my readers would call this piece unfair or biased…but you know… this piece may look one side of the story…and I do agree that…but according to me…abusing female child does not need the other side of the story at all…because you curved the chocolate bitter…
And still if you have anything to say…please do write the other side of the story…I would be happy to know as to what does really drive you people to mistreat these under aged angels…

I don’t want my baby to born,
I don’t want my daughter to born.
In the world so grimy,
Life so hell,
She would be choked,
In sickly saccharine gale.
I’ll rather keep her…
Nurture in my womb,
On no account shall deliver her,
To the land of the wolf.

[I am aware of the fact that there are evidences that the under aged boys are also many a times victim of these cunning beasts…and I don’t intend to avoid that factor either….but an old story of one of my best friend’s (girl) childhood all of a sudden made me write this…and this is the reason that I entirely focused on girl child abuse…]



  1. Touching piece, Cassandra! I will respond, but not in ‘Love’s Ragpicker’, but in http://oninthough.wordpress.com
    and now no more respite! I will spread the word that you are a great writer; enough of your reclusive badhabit!

  2. Posted something weaker (this is no writing competition) in http://oninthough.wordpress.com/2007/07/08/angels-soiled-but-angels-still/

  3. […] is how she concluded her post; thanks Cassandra, a touching, powerful thing you wrote there. And here I am, in this blog, […]

  4. Luckynkl said,

    Great piece, Cassandra, except why do you apologize to the male-born? You need not apologize. It is they that need to apologize. For the female-hating world they have created and the entitlement they feel as self ordained rulers to lord over all those born female by virtue of nothing other than the sex women chose to bring them into the world as.

    In the meanwhile, thank you for not bringing another oppressor into this world. Tiger cubs may be cute when they’re little, but then they grow up and eat you.

  5. bianca bean said,

    Very powerful.

  6. […] is how she concluded her post; thanks Cassandra, a touching, powerful thing you wrote there. And here I am, in this blog, […]

  7. Cassandra, my very first visit to your blog and have little time at the moment to spend with you, but I’ll be back. That lament. . . I don’t want my daughter born . . . When I get to thinking about such things a child abuse, state of the world, wars, global warming and so on, I understand how it feels to be fearful for the children one brings into the world, but, hasn’t it been ever so? I don’t know the answers, but when I am surrounded by my two wonderful sons, my four extraordinary daughters, nine grandchildren and a few great grandchildren at our annual reunion next August 1st, I’ll know they and their offspring will make it in spite of everything . . . just like I did. Mary from Meander With Me.

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